Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other heavy equipment are often severe and may result in catastrophic injuries, or even death. If you were hurt or someone you love was killed in a trucking accident crash, you may feel like your life has been turned upside down. People involved in a truck accident often end up in the hospital after suffering severe injuries. In addition to worrying about your health, you have to deal with damage to your vehicle, a stack of medical bills, and may be worried about whether you will be able to return to work. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed, and unsure what to do next. Fortunately, an experienced truck accident lawyer can help.

Trucking Accidents Are More than Just a Big Car Crash

Trucking accidents are much more complicated than an accident involving two cars. In a trucking accident case, there are more than just the two drivers involved. In addition to the truck driver, you must also contend with the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, shippers, brokers, loaders, maintenance providers, and others. And behind each of these parties is an insurance company, staffed by adjusters whose jobs are to make sure that they pay you and your family as little as possible.

An Ohio Truck Accident Lawyer Will Identify the Responsible Parties

Level the playing field by working with an experienced truck accident attorney. When you work with the experienced Ohio truck accident attorneys at Robenalt Law, know that you have someone on your side who knows Ohio trucking law and will fight to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation that you need, and that you deserve. We work hard to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions, pursuing compensation for your injuries and your pain and suffering, and payment for damage to your vehicle.

Driver Responsibility for Big Truck Accidents

Many people assume that the driver (often known as the “owner-operator”) of the truck was responsible for the accident. A truck driver may be responsible if they were:

  • Asleep at the wheel
  • Driving recklessly
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Distracted, such as by texting or eating
  • Driving unsafely, which led to overly aggressive braking
  • Driving unsafely in inclement weather

But there are many instances where the owner-operator was not entirely at fault. In these cases, it’s important that you work with an experienced truck accident lawyer to determine who else was responsible for causing the crash and to hold them accountable.

Holding Brokers, Shippers, Loaders, and Motor Carriers Responsible

While the truck driver is often at fault, there may be many other factors at play. In many truck accidents, the driver’s employer bears some responsibility. Shippers, brokers, loaders, maintenance providers, and others can also be partially responsible for causing a trucking accident. An experienced Ohio trucking accident can uncover the contractual relationships between these different companies to hold the proper party responsible and ensure that you and your family receive the compensation that you deserve.

To hold these entities responsible, your attorney will thoroughly investigate the truck accident to determine the cause of the accident and who was at fault. Many trucks carry “black boxes” that should be preserved and can provide important information about the moments leading up to the crash.

Truck Crashes Cause Serious Injuries

Because big commercial trucks are so much heavier than a passenger car, the forces created in a truck crash are significant, and often result in serious, life-threatening injuries. Common injuries from a truck accident include:

  • Cuts
  • Laceration
  • Bruising
  • Broken bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal cord damage

Injuries from a truck accident can be severe, painful, and expensive to treat. This means that the stakes are high, and you need a lawyer with experience on your side.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

An experienced Ohio trucking accident attorney will start by thoroughly investigating your case. This includes understanding the relationships between the different parties and how they are all responsible. It also means a thorough analysis of your past medical bills, as well as projecting the cost of anticipated future medical care. A trucking accident injury lawyer will also calculate how much the trucking companies owe you for your pain and suffering, lost wages from being unable to work in the future, and if your injuries are permanent.

To prove your case, your Ohio trucking accident lawyer will gather evidence to prove who was at fault, the extent of your injuries, and how they will affect you in the future.

Without a lawyer on your side, you may be tempted to accept the insurance company’s first offer because “it’s better than nothing.” But by working with an experienced, aggressive attorney, you have a better chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Your lawyer will present this evidence to the appropriate insurance companies, and negotiate to get you a fair settlement. Without a lawyer on your side, you may be tempted to accept the insurance company’s first offer because “it’s better than nothing.” But by working with an experienced, aggressive attorney, you have a better chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes you have no choice but to take your case to court and make the responsible parties pay. An experienced truck accident injury attorney knows how to handle a truck accident injury lawsuit, and will not be afraid to take your case to trial. Your lawyer will advocate for you, offer advice, and guide you through the process.

To hold the responsible parties accountable, your lawyer may need to work with forensic investigators and other experts who will provide testimony in support of your case.

Robenalt Law – Fighting for People Injured in Truck Accidents

If you or someone you love was injured in a truck accident, you and your family may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional trauma
  • Past and future medical care

At Robenalt Law, our lawyers understand that no amount of money will make up for your loss. But financial compensation can help pay for the cost of medical care and treatment, lost wages, psychological trauma, and the pain caused by a catastrophic trucking accident.

We have the resources, experience, and expertise to analyze your truck accident case and fight for the compensation that you and your family deserve.

Learn more about our truck accident injury practice, get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and contact us today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case.

Tom Robenalt started his litigation career representing trucking companies and other corporate defendants and insurance companies at a large firm in Cleveland. For the past 25 years, he has used that experience to help people who have been catastrophically injured or killed in trucking accidents.