Fighting For People Impacted By Surgical Errors

When a person undergoes surgery, their life is in the hands of the surgeon. Unfortunately, not every surgeon upholds their responsibility to patients, and these errors can have life-altering or fatal consequences. At Robenalt Law, our surgical error lawyer understands the challenges faced by the thousands of people harmed by surgical errors every year and the families who lose loved ones because of a surgeon’s negligence. We are dedicated to fighting for fair compensation for injured people and their families in the Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Akron areas, as well as throughout Ohio.

Standing Up For Those Harmed By Surgeons’ Mistakes

Surgeries are a complex process, and a mistake on the part of any of the medical professionals can lead to serious or catastrophic results. Some of the errors that can occur on the surgical table include:

  • Failing to appropriately consider a patient’s medical history, including misreading their medical history or chart
  • Performing the wrong surgery
  • Causing injury when the surgeon cuts without knowing what he/she is cutting
  • Failing to detect damage done to other organs or body parts in the process of performing surgery
  • Giving a patient incompatible blood
  • Failing to provide the correct dose of medication or anesthesia
  • Administering the wrong medication or anesthesia
  • Leaving objects in the body after surgery
  • Failing to diagnose and appropriately treat an infection related to the surgery

Not only can these errors leave patients without appropriate treatment for their health concerns, they also can lead to serious or even fatal complications. Paralysis, infections, brain injuries, internal bleeding, scarring and many other forms of harm can result.

Because of the severe impact that surgical errors can have on patients, people harmed by medical negligence or their loved ones should discuss their concerns with an experienced attorney. Not only can a lawyer offer skilled guidance as they navigate the legal process, a lawyer can help lift the burden that people experience after a surgical error so that injured people can focus on recovery.

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