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Can I Sue a Doctor or Hospital for Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider, like a doctor, nurse, or hospital, injures a patient during the course of treatment. Injured patients or family members may wonder whether they can sue a doctor or hospital for medical malpractice,… Read More
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Big Pharma Battles Ohio Attorney General in Prescription Opioid Lawsuit

Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are fighting a prescription opioid lawsuit that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed in response to the number of deaths in this state, reported in September. With 2,106 opioid o… Read More
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New Mobile Phone Restriction Rule For Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has mobile phone restrictions and tough rules for distracted driving, cell phone use and prohibitions of text messaging while driving. The fines and penalties for violators of the rule are serio… Read More
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Can You Sue Your Insurance Company?

If your insurance company failed to pay your claim in a timely manner or neglected to recommend the proper insurance to cover business losses and you’d like to sue your insurance company, Cleveland attorney Tom Robenalt welcomes you to contact our… Read More
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Fair and Festival Accident Attorneys Extend Condolences to Ohio State Fair Victims

The Robenalt Law Firm extends its condolences to the family of the 18 year old who died and those who were injured on the Ohio State Fair Fire Ball ride last night. As fair and festival accident attorneys who’ve handled many cases against fair… Read More
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Tips for Handling Insurance After a Trucking Accident

Last December, Business Insider reported that truck drivers transport 80 percent of cargo. To haul all of those goods from one part of the country to another, the industry employs 3.5 million drivers who work an average of 70 hours before getting a d… Read More
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Sanofi Epilepsy Drug Causes Birth Defects - Attorney Answers FAQs

Last week, Reuters reported that 4,100 children suffered birth defects because their mother took Sanofi epilepsy drug valproate, or valproic acid​, while pregnant. In 2010, WebMD reported that women who took the drug during their first trimester we… Read More
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Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Tom Robenalt Talks to High School Students During Presentation

April 12, distracted driving attorney Tom Robenalt and a Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys (CATA) colleague spoke to approximately 400 Rocky River High School juniors and seniors for A personal injury lawyer started the organization aft… Read More
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Sexual Harassment Attorney Tom Robenalt Answers FAQs

If you were the victim of sexual harassment, Cleveland attorney Tom Robenalt, who’s licensed to practice in Ohio and Florida, can help you pursue justice. For the past 20 years, Tom has helped individuals recover from tremendous losses, both ph… Read More
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Categories: Sexual Harassment

Predatory Teachers Who've Been Convicted in Ohio

Ohio has a number of laws pertaining to sexual predators and habitual sex offenders – and nearly as many predatory teachers who’ve made national news. Here’s just a sample.   High School Teacher Had Seven-Month Relationship with Student In 20… Read More
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