Wow!!! Thank you! That is such a relief and blessing for my girls! I cannot wait to tell them... Your willingness to listen and then fight for their future is truly amazing and appreciated. I am grateful beyond words and from the bottom of my heart.

Hope and faith are being restored in our lives... And you are a part of that!

Fondly and with gratitude,

– Terri K.

I have known many lawyers in my life [and] that being said I have never met a lawyer like Mr. Robenalt. He is kind, trustworthy, friendly, and very willing to listen to any questions you might have. He is always willing to call you back and inform you of the progress of your case. He will sit with you and answers questions and you never feel like you are bothering him. He goes above and beyond what you think a lawyer will do, even taking the time to really understand the complexities of difficult situations. He thinks outside the box and looks for ways to make things work for your advantage. I cannot say enough kind words about him. I would hire him again in a minute, he is a man of his word.

– Jennifer B.

Dear Mr. Robenalt,

This note is to thank you for the assistance you provided to me, after the passing of my husband.

I am very pleased with the guidance I received and professionalism you showed in handling the case after I took over the case from my late husband and needed advice.

Thank you very much. I will surely recommend you to a friend in need of service in the future.


Annie Kaempe

– Annie K.

Dear Tom,

I would like to take the opportunity to really exclaim my deepest and sincere gratitude for what you have done in finding justice for Daniel Jr. along with all your tireless hours and relentless efforts that go along with it.

I truly wish you and yours the happiest and safest holiday season.

May God be with you always.

Thank you!

– Daniel L.
Hi Tom,
Just wanted to give you another update that [the hospital] called me again today. They found a small tumor in my ultrasound that requires surgery. Very glad you suggested to go to a different practice and get a second look. Thank you so much- we caught this early!
– J. T.,  Potential client

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