A Workplace Injury Lawyer Who Listens

Workplace injuries happen and, when they do, the results can be devastating. The workplace injury lawyer team at The Robenalt Law Firm, Inc., has handled workplace injury cases that involve fatalities and other serious injuries. Each workplace injury should be evaluated by an attorney for two reasons:

  • The possibility of seeking compensation for injuries over and above what workers’ compensation will provide
  • To determine if there are additional benefits that can be obtained, such as permanent and total disability claims and/or lump-sum payments.

Injured workers frequently file work workers’ compensation claim forms and get the process started without the assistance of attorney, but if the worker goes through this process on their own, they left money on the table – additional compensation is available for workers who are represented by attorneys. Compensation can also be obtained for those injured or killed on the work site if the injury or death was caused by a third party – not the employer. Examples include claims against a product manufactures for injuries caused by defective products, injuries caused by the negligence of a third-party contractor, and injuries sustained by a negligent driver while in employee is on the clock. In addition, under limited in certain circumstances, an employee can pursue a claim directly against the employer if the conduct of the employer rises to the level of an intentional “tort” or wrongdoing. Ohio’s legislature has limited an employee’s ability to recover for intentional torts to two situations: where the employer acted with intent to injure another; or with the belief that the injury was strangely certain to occur. Ohio Revised Code Section 2745.01. However, exceptions to this rule apply and employees can recover for injuries sustained in the following circumstances: deliberate removal of an equipment safety guard from a machine, or the misrepresentation of a toxic or hazardous substance.

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