The results listed below were obtained for clients based upon the specific facts of each case. The results do not guarantee results in cases with similar facts, nor should this communication be relied upon to suggest that your potential claim will result in an outcome that is similar in nature.

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Seven Figure Truck Accident Fatality Settlement

A recent case filed in the Southern District Court in Columbus finally concluded with mid-seven figure settlement following years of litigation in the federal court. The Robenalt Law Firm represented the family of two minor children who tragicall…

Wrongful Death Settlement After Man Hit on Ohio Turnpike While Changing a Tire

A seven-figure settlement in a wrongful death auto accident claim involving injuries and subsequent death of a gentleman who was struck on the Ohio Turnpike while changing his tire.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Settlement for Multiple Victims

A six-figure settlement for multiple victims in a sexual harassment case against a company that employed man who repeatedly sexually harassed coworkers.

Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Settlement After Improper Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

A seven-figure settlement in a wrongful death, medical malpractice claim for the estate of a man whose skin cancer was not properly diagnosed or treated.

Medical Malpractice Case Involving Necrotizing Fasciitis

A seven-figure settlement for a man who’s shoulder and arm where amputated because of the delay in diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis, also known as the flesh eating disease.

Settlement on Behalf of Minority Shareholder

A seven-figure settlement on behalf of a minority shareholder whose business partners improperly terminated his interest.

Legal Malpractice Settlement

A near seven-figure settlement in a legal malpractice case against a law firm who decided to represent one business partner over the other, despite a clear conflict of interest.

Product Liability – Kugel Mesh Cases

Represented several clients in litigation against the manufacturer of kugel mesh, where allegation of defect in design resulted in resolution of the claims for damages related to surgical procedures to remove the mesh.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Resulting In 7-Figure Payment of Policy Limits

Resolved a claim for the full available policy limits, including an umbrella commercial policy, for a man who had both legs amputated after being struck by a motorist while changing a tire on the entrance ramp to the Ohio Turnpike.

Medical Malpractice Causing Leg Amputations

A near 10-figure settlement for a patient who had both legs amputated as a result of the surgeon puncturing his sigmoid colon during a routine outpatient surgery to clear blockage in the renal artery – the injury to the colon caused internal ble…

An Award of Sanctions Against a Law Firm and an Insurance Company in a Double Fatality Trucking Case in Federal Court

Secured an award of sanctions for the failure of the Defendant trucking company’s failure to identify in discovery the existence of an excess policy that insurance that applied to the claim with a $5 Million dollar policy limit.

United States ex rel. Loughner v. EMH Regional Medical Center

United States ex rel. Loughner v. EMH Regional Medical Center, et al., Case No. 1:06-cv-2441 (N.D. Oh.), represented whistleblower in a false claims act case wherein the United States government recovered $4.4 million.

Birth Injury Settlement After Failure to Properly Treat Preeclampsia

A seven-figure settlement for the family of an infant who suffered a brain injury when the doctors did not properly treat preeclampsia and it caused a ruptured placenta and lack of oxygen to the infant’s brain.

$90,000 Arbitration Verdict for a Robenalt Law Client Involved in a MVA

An arbitration verdict and award in favor of our client in a motor vehicle accident case of $90,000 for neck and back injuries (the offer to settle before arbitration was $12,000).

Multimillion Dollar Settlement in Cherry Picker Product Liability Suit

A multimillion dollar settlement in a product liability lawsuit for a client who had both arms amputated as a result of defectively designed cherry picker or lift truck.

Over $1 Million for Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice in Anoxic Brain Injury Case

A seven figure wrongful death, medical negligence settlement matter involving the death of a person who suffered an anoxic brain injury and death while hospitalized.

Seven-Figure Motorcycle Fatality Settlement

A seven-figure settlement in a wrongful death claim against the driver of an automobile that turned left in front of a motorcyclist resulting in fatal injuries to the motorcyclist.

Yo-Yo Deal by Car Dealership Exposed for Highly Deceptive Practices

A settlement of a consumer claim for a person who was subjected to a yo-yo deal at a car dealership, when credit was extended and later revoked, and the client had to return a car even though the dealership refused to return the down payment.

Six-Figure Sexual Harassment Settlement

A six figure settlement against a university who employed a professor that stalked and sexually harassed a student.

Slip and Fall Leads to Large Settlement for TBI Victim

A mid six-figure claim settlement for a person who sustained a head injury when he tripped and fell in bleachers that had not been properly maintained at a sporting event.

Class Action Verdict for Robenalt Law Clients in Improper Tax Collection Case

A just verdict in favor of our client, the class, on the issue of liability in a class related to the government’s improper collection of taxes.

Beard v. Meridia Huron Hospital

Beard v. Meridia Huron Hospital, 106 Ohio St. 3rd 237 (2005), argued case in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Musial Offices, LTD v. County of Cuyahoga

Musial Offices, LTD v. County of Cuyahoga, Court of Appeals of Ohio, Eight Appellate District, Cuyahoga County, 2014 – Ohio – 602 (2014), trial court’s opinion denying class certification reversed, remanded to trial court for class certifica…

Koch v. Rist

Koch v. Rist, 89 Ohio St. 3rd 250 (2000), argued case in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Curtis v. Beseler

Curtis v. Beseler, as Clay County Sheriff, case number 3:13-cv-1352-J-39JRK, USDC Middle District of Florida, represented Estate of 19 year old who died in custody in a civil rights case that resulted in a $2.2 million dollar settlement.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Case

A mid six-figure settlement of a claim against a nursing home for abuse and neglect for a patient whose foot ulcers went untreated and resulted in an amputation of her leg.

Defective Drug Cases Involving Vioxx

The resolution of defective drug cases for consumers who suffered strokes and heart attacks as a result of taking Vioxx.

Workplace Injury Resulting in Arm Amputation

A seven-figure settlement for a man whose arm was amputated in a workplace injury while he worked on a conveyor belt that suddenly surged forward because of “stored energy,” even though the belt had been locked out and tagged out.

Seven-Figure Wrongful Death Settlement After Woman was Struck by Casino Valet Driver

A seven-figure wrongful death settlement for the estate of a woman that was struck by a valet driver at the casino and she crossed the parking lot.

Jury Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

Jury verdict in favor of a patient whose doctor performed a surgery to remove a cyst who was left with a permanent loss of sensation in his hand.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.