Whistleblower And False Claims Act Cases – Ohio And Nationwide

If you’re thinking about filing a whistleblower lawsuit because you have knowledge of false claims being submitted to United States government, you need a whistleblower attorney who has experience in the field. False Claims Act – or “Qui Tam” – cases result from medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, contractors and other entities that inappropriately submit bills to the federal government for reimbursement.

The lawyers at The Robenalt Law Firm, Inc., handled the recent case of Loughner v. EMH Medical Center, where the whistleblower claimed that the hospital was performing cardiac stent procedures that were unnecessary. The United States government recovered $4.4 million. United States ex rel. Loughner v. EMH Regional Medical Center, et al., Case No. 1:06-cv-2441 (N.D. Oh.).

The medical field is just one area in which False Claims Act cases arise. False Claims Act cases and whistleblower claims are routinely filed for the following acts:

  • Contractors who perform work for the federal government charge excessive or inappropriate fees
  • Taxpayers who commit tax evasion and/or commit tax fraud on a large scale basis, or companies that advise clients to commit tax fraud
  • Investment companies who encourage clients not to pay taxes on income that was earned
  • Health care fraud in any setting – including reimbursement requests to Medicare and Medicaid

Some firms tout hundreds of millions of dollars settlement. Robenalt Law handles fewer cases because we strive to provide clients with personal service and we guarantee that your claim will be handled directly by Tom Robenalt, the lawyer that who has the most experience in the field of qui tam cases.

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