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For Referring Attorneys

The Robenalt Law Firm, Inc., by experience and reputation, has become a well known source for other attorneys and friends to refer clients. As a trusted partner, Robenalt Law provides experience and knowledge in the field of personal injury and medical malpractice to get results for clients.

Referring lawyers, who don’t practice in the field of personal injury, medical malpractice or business litigation, rely on Robenalt Law because they understand that the client’s questions will be answered promptly and the cases will be fairly evaluated.

If litigation is on the horizon, attorneys, friends and colleagues turn to Robenalt Law. Keeping partners engaged and involved in the prosecution of cases is a tenant of the firm and collaboration with partners has proven to be the key to success.

If you have a client or friend that is in need of a lawyer with experience and compassion, who will aggressively fight for the clients’ rights, Robenalt Law is up for the challenge. Fighting to help those who have been harmed by others is what we do.

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