Experienced Representation For Those Harmed By Misdiagnosis

When your health is on the line, accurate and timely diagnosis can be vital. If health care providers fail to uphold the required standard of care when diagnosing your condition, it can leave you without treatment when you need it most.

At Robenalt Law, our attorneys understand both the trust that you have placed in your health care providers and the devastating impact their negligence can have. We fight for those harmed by misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and across Ohio, helping them pursue fair compensation and hold health care providers responsible for their errors.

The Impact Of Medical Misdiagnosis

Unfortunately, not every health care provider responds reasonably to patients’ symptoms and concerns. Millions of people in the United States suffer every year as a result. In fact, one 2014 report from the journal BMJ Quality & Safety estimated that these medical errors impact one out of every 20 adult patients in the United States.

Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis can have a serious impact on patients’ health. Delays or errors in cancer diagnosis can allow this disease to progress and limit patients’ opportunities for recovery. Missing the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke could have fatal consequences. Failure to diagnose a spinal injury in a timely fashion can lead to permanent damage including paralysis. Health care providers could, in many cases, prevent these life-changing or fatal outcomes if they uphold the correct standard of care.

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At Robenalt Law, we understand the devastating consequences that misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis can have for both patients and their loved ones. We are prepared to help lift that burden and help you fight for justice.

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