How Does Scarring and Disfigurement Affect Accident Victims?

Those who survive severe motor vehicle accidents may feel lucky and thankful to be alive, at least initially. Unfortunately, many soon start feeling bad about themselves if their crash injuries result in disfigurement or visible scarring.

The impact of scars and disfiguring injuries can vary depending on the individual and their coping abilities. However, most accident victims struggle with the physical and emotional effects of disfigurement long after the accident occurred.

Physical pain

Contrary to belief, the pain and discomfort of disfiguring scar injuries do not usually fade after healing. When tissue suffers severe damage, victims can experience unwelcome sensations in the long term. It may even make it hard to perform everyday tasks or interfere with sleep and rest.

Loss of mobility

Accident victims who suffer these injuries often experience decreased mobility. For example, the damaged tissue can affect how well the body moves, making it harder to get around and participate in once-loved physical activities.

Social isolation

Those with facial scarring or other disfigurements typically feel self-conscious about their appearance and how others perceive them. Often, this results in self-imposed withdrawal or isolation from family, friends and co-workers. As you might expect, self-isolation can impact your ability to earn an income.

Psychological effects

We have touched on some of the effects of scars and disfigurement (low self-esteem, etc.), but that is not the only mental impact. Many victims experience several negative psychological effects, including depression, sadness, shame and chronic anxiety.

If you were injured in a car accident and left with severe scarring or disfigurement, it is important to seek legal help. With experienced guidance, you may qualify for non-economic damages (pain and suffering) under Ohio injury compensation laws. Fair compensation can allow you to obtain the medical and psychological care you need to enjoy life once more.