Have I waived my rights if I signed a consent form for a medical procedure or a general waiver of rights?

Generally, in the medical field, the consent form sets forth the known risks of a certain procedure, however it does not permit a doctor or hospital to deviate from the standard of care. Doctors and medical providers are still obligated to provide safe medical care and follow standards in the industry. If medical providers don’t follow the standards and if you’re injured, you can still bring a lawsuit for injuries even if a consent form has been signed. If you have been injured, don’t wait or worry over concern because of a consent form, call a lawyer immediately to discuss this issue free of charge.

In other circumstances, a waiver of rights, for example a waiver that appears on the back of a sporting event ticket, may sufficiently protect an entity from being sued. If you’re struck by a foul ball at a baseball game, you probably won’t be able to recover for damages. However, if you’re injured at the stadium because employees have not properly performed their jobs and have allowed an unsafe condition to exist on the premises of the defendants, you may be able to recover.

Again, every case should be evaluated by an attorney. If you sustained serious injuries, call now for a free consultation.