Boeing Lawsuit – toxic fumes on aircrafts may cause serious injuries

NBC news has reported the filing of a lawsuit against Boeing Aircraft related to several flight attendants who claim that they have suffered permanent injuries after inhaling toxic fumes while on flights they have worked.

The product liability lawsuit against the aircraft manufacturer claims that the aircraft was defective in design and that Boeing failed to provide proper warnings to warn that the “bleed air” system can result in toxic fumes being released into the aircraft’s cabin.

The allegations against Boeing are that the toxic fumes, also referred to as hydrocarbon exposure, can result in headaches, dizziness and long-term affects including blurred vision, decreased motor skills, trouble concentrating and memory loss. The complaint further alleges that shortness of breath and a metallic taste are an indication of hydrocarbon exposure.

The FAA has issued a report suggesting testing and monitoring of the quality of cabin air. Of note, Boeing aircraft has recently started to manufacture aircrafts that do not contain the bleed air system.

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