4 Tips for Safer Winter Driving in Snowy Weather

When the temperature starts to drop in Ohio, the roads become far less safe. Even a small amount of snow or ice on the pavement will significantly increase your chances of a collision.

Some drivers prepare for bad winter weather on Ohio roads in the late fall by putting on snow tires, stopping in to have their mechanic inspect the vehicle and replacing their windshield wiper blades. Of course, such preventative measures won’t necessarily stop you from sliding on an icy patch of road or ending up in a crash when the weather is bad.

What are some effective traffic tips that can help you avoid a crash when you are already out on the snowy streets?

1. Reduce your speed, and change speed slowly

The faster the speed at which you travel, the longer it will take you to stop. In snowy and icy conditions, slightly slower speeds could be the difference between losing control of your vehicle and being able to stop your vehicle safely.

You also want to avoid losing control over your vehicle by making sudden changes to speed. Gradually increasing and decreasing your speed will lead to better control of your vehicle.

2. Increase your traveling distance

You need to maintain an appropriate amount of space between the front of your vehicle and the rear bumper of the car in front of you. The worse the road conditions are, the bigger the gap should be. Experts recommend increasing your following distance to as much as eight to 10 seconds of travel time in inclement weather conditions.

3. Turn into the skid

It is easy to forget what to do when you suddenly lose control of your vehicle in traffic because your vehicle suddenly skids on ice. While it may be counterintuitive, turning into the skid when your vehicle spins or slips on ice will increase your control over the vehicle and reduce the amount of time it takes to regain complete control.

4. Avoid stopping while going uphill

One of the easiest ways to lose control of a vehicle is to try to stop while on an icy incline. Not only could you slide down the hill again, but you might spin. Checking the path up the hill before you begin your ascent can help you avoid a situation where you must stop halfway to the top.

Review winter weather driving tips to help you make the right choice in a moment when most people would panic, potentially helping you avoid a motor vehicle collision.