Serious Injuries can result from a police chase

NBC news reported that more than 300 people die each year and thousands injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents that occurred during a police chase. Most often, accidents that occur during a police chase involve serious and catastrophic injuries to innocent bystanders.

Innocent bystanders and those injured as a result of accidents that occurred during a police chase might have the ability to recover damages for the injuries sustained, if it can be proven that the officers conducted the police chase in such a manner that was considered to willfully and wantonly pose a danger to the public.

Officers have a duty to not continue in a police chase if the risks and the dangers to public are too great. Policies, procedures and industry standards exit to govern police actions. New technology exists where police officers can employ tracking devices so that the chase can be stopped and the suspect apprehended without unnecessary danger to the public.

Municipalities carry insurance to cover claims and the Robenalt Law Firm has extensive experience handling these claims. We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not pay any legal fees or costs unless you receive a recovery.

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