What Steps Should Injured Passengers Take After a Car Accident?

Most conversations about injury compensation after a motor vehicle accident address the involved drivers. Unfortunately, passengers can suffer as much or more than drivers.

Generally, injured passengers are entitled to compensation, but many do not know how to navigate the aftermath of an accident. It may help to have a basic overview of helpful steps to take after suffering crash injuries as a passenger.

Know the law

Auto insurance and injury compensation laws differ from state to state. For example, Ohio is an at-fault state. That means at-fault drivers are responsible for compensating harmed parties, usually through their insurance policy. Learning how the law works can help you determine how to proceed with your injury claim.

Follow medical orders

You may feel your injuries are not severe enough to change your habits on orders from your doctor, but following your treatment program is vital. Failure to do so may jeopardize your recovery and perhaps damage your claim. For example, an insurer may believe you are less injured than you indicated and reject your payment.

Protect your claim

Your claim remains vulnerable until you receive fair restitution for the harm you suffered. Remember, the at-fault party or their insurer is probably looking for any reason to deny or reduce your compensation. Be careful not to discuss your injuries online, and never give an insurance company recorded or written statements.

Getting what you deserve after a vehicle accident leaves you injured can be a complicated process. Experienced legal guidance can help you protect your claim and obtain fair injury compensation.