Wells Fargo Bankers Accused of Fraudulent Behavior

The Los Angeles Times reports that Wells Fargo has been sued by the city of Los Angeles for alleged fraudulent activity of bank managers who encouraged bank employees to open “ghost accounts” and other unnecessary accounts to drive fee income. Allegedly bank managers encouraged employees to open additional debit and credit card accounts, trust accounts and investment accounts to drive revenue for the bank.

This type of activity clearly can have an impact upon customers including paying additional bank fees and damaging customers credit scores. For example, customers in the State of Ohio can take advantage of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act to sue banks for this type of fraudulent activity and consumers may be entitled to attorneys fees under that law.

If you are located in the States of Ohio and Florida and Wells Fargo has opened accounts that you have not authorized or that are unnecessary, call the civil consumer lawyers at the Robenalt Law Firm for free consultation.

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