The dangers of sandals and shades when driving in the summer

It’s nearly summer and it’s supposed to be another hot one. Like many others, you’re likely enjoying driving around with your windows open and your cold air on full blast. Summer driving can be rewarding especially if you’re making plans to drive to your favorite vacation spot.

While you should enjoy your time off and take in some sun, you may also need to be aware of a few dangers that people commonly do while driving in the summer. Here’s what you should know:

Don’t drive with your sandals

If you wear sneakers and socks in the summer, you’ll likely feel like your feet are soaking in sweat soup. To combat this, you could easily take off your shoes and wear sandals. While your feet are going to be a lot more comfortable, you’re also likely raising the risk of auto accidents.

Sandals don’t provide the same type of grip that shoes would when pressing down on your brakes. Furthermore, sandals provide comfort, but they can easily slip on and off and get caught on your brake or gas pedal. If you suddenly have to stop your car before a collision, your sandals could create problems.

In a pinch, you may be better off driving barefoot if you don’t have shoes to wear. While there are no laws preventing you from driving barefoot, it isn’t recommended if you can avoid it.

Take off your shades at night

This summer is going to be full of clear skies and sun. You’ll likely want to protect your eyes from the sun with some shades. As the sun sets, your sunglasses are going to be less useful and more of a detriment to your safety. Your shades could make your surroundings harder to see and harder to avoid accidents.

You shouldn’t let a small mistake ruin your summer vacation. While you understand how to stay safe in the summer, others often don’t. Another driver could cause an auto accident. You may need to learn how you can seek compensation for your injuries and damages.