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If medical practitioners failed to treat a condition that resulted in an amputation or the loss of function in a limb, or if surgeons amputated the wrong limb, you have a right to be compensated. For a free consultation, contact Cleveland amputation lawyer Tom Robenalt today.

Failure to Treat Results in Loss of Limb

Five years ago, a carpenter fell from a scaffold and fractured both feet, his left leg, and his left elbow. While in the hospital, his pain escalated. The man’s wife told a first-year orthopedic resident, but she didn’t do anything about it. He was recently awarded $1.5 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

According to the media, the pain that the intern ignored was “a key symptom” of compartment syndrome, which “occurs when pressure builds up in the soft tissue surrounding groups of organs or muscles.” If it isn’t treated within four to six hours, “pressure blocks blood flow to the area, leading to permanent injury to muscles and nerves.”

The delay in diagnosis and treatment resulted in loss of function in one hand. The carpenter “can no longer work or enjoy rigorous outdoor activities,” his attorney said.

Botched Knee Replacement Leads to Amputation

Haste may have contributed to one woman having her right leg amputated above the knee. A typical knee replacement surgery takes 90 minutes, said a surgeon who’s testifying on her behalf. Her doctor reportedly performed two in 129 minutes. According to the patient’s lawsuit, he diagnosed her with bilateral osteoarthritis and recommended a double knee replacement. After the surgery, she “had no pulse as well as a cold right foot."

One of the woman’s expert witnesses will testify that he “lacerated [her] popliteal artery, damaging the blood supply to her leg.”

Pre-Op Procedure Complications Cause Amputation

June 3, 2016, Bowling Green Daily News reported that a couple was awarded $2.2 million, including $1.25 million for pain and suffering and $781,986 for medical expenses, because a “cardiovascular specialist … failed to exercise the care and skill expected of a reasonable doctor during a coronary angiogram.”

According to the couple’s medical malpractice lawsuit, the man was supposed to undergo knee replacement surgery but first had to get clearance from a cardiologist, who performed tests that revealed a blockage that was determined to be a “false positive.”

“The angiogram revealed no blockage after 16 minutes, but the procedure was continued for another 74 minutes,” the Daily News said. “After the procedure, blood clots had developed and migrated to [the patient’s] right leg, blocking the blood supply there and leading to an amputation of his leg below the knee. [He] also experienced a worsening of his kidney disease following the procedure, and he continues to be on a dialysis regimen.”

Car Accidents Cause Double Amputation

In 2015, a woman sued General Motors because an accident trapped her in her car for six days, resulting in a double amputation below the knees. Her lawsuit alleged that “[inadequate] quality control measures and … inappropriate manufacturing practices” led to the crash because her power steering, electronic stability control, and panic braking assist failed.

“We think that had these failures not occurred, then this crash wouldn’t have happened,” her lawyer told ABC News.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation – Let Robenalt Law Fight for You

If doctors amputated the wrong limb or neglected to diagnose and treat a condition that resulted in the loss of an arm or a leg or permanent nerve damage, contact an amputation lawyer in Cleveland today. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages, but Ohio law requires you to file a lawsuit within two years of the injury. Contacting an attorney sooner rather than later will enable him or her to review all of the evidence, hire expert witnesses, and build a strong case on your behalf.

Early in his career, attorney Tom Robenalt worked for an insurance defense firm. That experience can help you during settlement negotiations or trial. For a free consultation, call (216) 223-7535, email, or use our online form. In most cases, we don’t charge a fee unless we win.

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