Look Out for These Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

The aging process is inevitable. Some individuals need a little more help than others when they reach their advanced years. Nursing homes can provide the daily care required to make older people more comfortable and content each day.

If your family member is resident in a nursing home facility, the institution owes them a legal duty of care. This means that they must be provided with a standard of care that does not fall below the minimum industry standard and that they certainly should not be neglected. Unfortunately, some elderly people are neglected in nursing homes. How do you know if this is happening to one of your loved ones?

Poor hygiene

Your relative has always been very proud in terms of their appearance. Unfortunately, upon your last visit, you noticed that their clothes were looking scruffy and unkempt. It also seemed like they had not had a bath or shower in days. Elderly people often need a little help with their personal hygiene, and if nursing home staff become lax with this reality in significant ways, their inattention could amount to neglect.

Noticeable loss of weight

Nursing home facilities also need to ensure that your loved one is not going without food and water. Some residents need their meals prepared for them, while others only require a little assistance. In any case, it is the responsibility of the nursing home to oversee this process and it could be deemed liable if a resident becomes malnourished or dehydrated. Malnourishment tends to manifest itself in terms of weight loss. If your relative is dehydrated, they may suffer from headaches and their skin can dry up and look tight around their cheeks.

Nursing home neglect is unlawful and it needs to be addressed promptly. It’s also important to hold offending parties to account to prevent his conduct from occurring again. Seek legal guidance to find out more about your options if you have questions or concerns.