Hidden Camera Inside Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital

Police in my Medina, Ohio have discovered a hidden camera at the Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital inside a gender – neutral staff bathroom at the hospital, according to Cleveland 19 news.

According to the news report, the suspect is a Doctor who placed stay hidden camera in the bathroom that looked like a cell phone charger. The camera has a small lens above the USB port according to news reports. If you or a loved one is a staff member at the hospital and used this bathroom and a potential victim of this heinous invasion of privacy, contact the Robenalt Law Firm to discuss your legal options as it relates to this potential case. Robenalt law firm is investigating potential claims against this physician and CCF and has experience investigating, prosecuting and successfully handling invasion of privacy and sexual abuse claims against schools, physicians, and other corporate entities. Call now as your time to pursue a claim of this nature is limited.

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