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Sexual Abuse Investigations Target U.S. Olympic System

According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating wide-ranging allegations of sexual abuse in U.S. Olympic sport organizations.  The recent sexual abuse case against USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar s… Read More
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Lawyer for Victims of Sexual Assault in High Schools and Universities

Sexual harassment and sexual assault in high schools and universities occurs with alarming frequency throughout the United States. While the most publicized of these incidents are committed by adults, students are also frequently subjected to sexual… Read More
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Torn Paper Defining Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Between the numerous sexual abuse scandals coming out of Hollywood and the #metoo movement, sexual harassment in the workplace was a hot topic in 2018. The phrase “sexual harassment” was first used in 1976 when Redbook published the results of… Read More
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Sexual Abuse at Ohio Colleges and Universities

According to the US Department of Justice, one out of every four female undergraduate students will be a victim of some form of sexual assault before graduation. Yet sexual abuse at Ohio colleges and universities is chronically under-reported. The… Read More
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Sexual Harassment Attorney Tom Robenalt Answers FAQs

If you were the victim of sexual harassment, Cleveland attorney Tom Robenalt, who’s licensed to practice in Ohio and Florida, can help you pursue justice. For the past 20 years, Tom has helped individuals recover from tremendous losses, both ph… Read More
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