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sexual assault on campus

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault in Universities

Colleges and universities have a legal duty to maintain the safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors on their campuses. When they fail in this duty, they need to be held accountable. If you were sexually abused at school, understand that you… Read More
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sexual abuse at school

My Child Was Sexually Abused at School.

Child sexual abuse at school occurs at an alarming rate. Sexual abuse can occur between students, or between a teacher or administrator and a student. Regardless of who was perpetrating the sexual abuse, the effects can be devastating. Many children… Read More
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prisoner behind bars

Justice for Victims of Sexual Abuse in Prison

On paper, prisons have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to rape and sexual abuse. People who have been arrested, convicted, and sentenced to jail have the right not to be pressured to engage in sexual acts. They should not need to tolerate abusi… Read More
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Strongsville, Ohio Priest…

Strongsville, Ohio Priest Accused of Child Pornography

A January 7, 2020 article in the Plain Dealer details the criminal case of Rev. Robert McWilliams, a Catholic priest in Strongsville, Ohio who stands accused of illegally possessing child pornography. McWilliams is facing criminal charges of illegall… Read More
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Sexual Assault, Sexual Ab…

Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Harassment

The terms sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment have all been in the news lately, especially in the #MeToo era. Read More
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Sexual Abuse Investigations Target U.S. Olympic System

According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating wide-ranging allegations of sexual abuse in U.S. Olympic sport organizations. The recent sexual abuse case against USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar spa… Read More
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Holding Perpetrators of Childhood Sexual Assault Accountable

According to an article in The Plain Dealer, a former Boy Scouts of America worker pleaded guilty to federal charges of sexual exploitation of children and distribution of child pornography. The defendant recorded children changing in a YMCA locker r… Read More
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Senior man in a wheelchair looking out of a window in a hospital corridor - The Robenalt Law Firm, Inc.

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Vulnerable nursing home residents are being sexually assaulted and abused throughout Ohio. The problem is more widespread than many people realize, and is also the most well-hidden, least-acknowledged, and least reported form of elder abuse. Accordin… Read More
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Lawyer for Victims of Sexual Assault in High Schools and Universities

Sexual harassment and sexual assault in high schools and universities occurs with alarming frequency throughout the United States. While the most publicized of these incidents are committed by adults, students are also frequently subjected to sexual… Read More
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Sexual Abuse at Daycare: Fridge Magnet Letters Spell

Sexual Abuse at Daycare

Every day, millions of parents trust daycare facilities, nannies, after-school programs, and other childcare services to care for their children. These facilities are supposed to provide safe care for some of society’s most vulnerable and impressio… Read More
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