How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for an Ohio Truck Accident

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In Ohio, the statute of limitations for filing a truck accident lawsuit is generally two years from the date the injury occurred. But litigating a truck accident injury case can be very complicated, and you should contact an experienced truck accident injury lawyer as soon as possible.

At Robenalt Law, our lawyers will collect the evidence needed to support your claim, identify the responsible parties, and hold them accountable as we fight for the compensation you deserve.

What is a Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. In Ohio, the statute of limitations for personal injuries is generally two years after the date the injury occurred. But there are exceptions, particularly if the victim is a minor.

If you were injured in an Ohio trucking accident, Robenalt Law can help you determine the statute of limitations for your claim and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Start Your Truck Accident Case as Soon as You Can

After a trucking accident, you should contact a lawyer to investigate your claim for damages as soon as you can. Even though you have two years to file a lawsuit, there is significant work that must be completed before you file your lawsuit.

During the two years after a truck accident, your attorney will investigate the claim to identify all the potential defendants who could be at fault for causing the trucking accident.

Your attorney will gather evidence to support your claim, including medical bills and records, evidence of lost wages and property damage, and information about your claims for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other non-economic damages.

Your attorney will submit your claim to the insurance representatives for the people and companies that caused the trucking accident and will try to negotiate a settlement before filing a lawsuit. If you fail to file before the statute of limitations expires, the threat of litigation is removed. This makes it unlikely that the trucking company’s insurance representatives will make a fair offer to settle your claim.

Also, if you wait too long to pursue your claim, critical evidence might be lost or destroyed and witnesses' memories might fade, which will make it more difficult to successfully resolve your case.

Truck Accidents Are More Complicated than Car Accidents

Even though truck accidents and car accidents share many similarities, truck accidents are significantly more complicated than car accidents. Trucking companies and truck drivers are subject to rules and regulations that do not apply to other drivers, and truck accidents take longer to investigate and resolve.

Because trucking accidents are so complex, your attorney will likely engage the assistance of various experts to analyze the cause of the crash and identify all of the potential defendants.

Settling Your Truck Accident Injury Claim

At Robenalt Law, our truck accident injury attorneys have the experience, resources, and expertise to evaluate your claim and present it in a way that is most likely to lead to a favorable resolution.

Once we have identified all the potential defendants and submitted evidence to support your claim for compensation, we will negotiate with the defendants’ insurance companies to try to arrive at a fair settlement. Sometimes this happens quickly and well within the two-year statute of limitations. But other times, the insurance companies drag their feet. Or, your claim may be so complex that it requires additional time to review and analyze before the insurance company is willing to make a fair settlement offer.

You can settle your truck accident injury claim at any time. The parties simply need to reach an agreement about the settlement terms. In some cases, the insurance companies want to resolve a claim quickly. Other times, they will delay resolution.

Ultimately, the decision about whether or not to accept a settlement offer is up to you. As your personal injury attorneys, Robenalt Law will offer advice on whether the settlement offer is fair. We will protect your rights if settlement is not imminent or the insurance company’s initial offer is not adequate. And we have the experience, resources, and expertise to take your case to court and fight for a fair resolution of your claim.

Robenalt Law: Fighting for Victims of Ohio Truck Accidents

If you were injured or someone you loved was killed in an Ohio truck accident, the personal injury attorneys at Robenalt Law can help. We have the experience, resources, and expertise to evaluate your claim and fight for the compensation you and your family deserve.

Even if you are concerned that it has been close to two years since your truck accident, we encourage you to contact us as quickly as possible to discuss your case.

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