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Last Thursday, Connecticut boarding school Choate Rosemary Hall admitted that “at least 12 former teachers” had kissed, touched, had sex with, and dated students between 1963 and 2010, according to a CBS news affiliate. One student was raped, The New York Times (NYT) reported. Instead of telling the police about the sex abuse, Choate allowed some teachers to resign. Those who were fired were given letters of recommendation, enabling them to move on to other schools. The teacher who allegedly raped the 17-year-old student became a principal elsewhere. School sex abuse attorney Tom Robenalt is currently investigating claims against Choate. If you have questions about filing a claim, please call 216-223-7535, submit this form, or email today.

How Was Choate Able to Cover up School Sex Abuse Claims for Decades?

As one sex abuse attorney told NYT, these boarding school students were far from home and secluded.

“It’s not like a public school, with people coming in and out all the time,” he said. “There are many more opportunities for teachers to do this.”

Also, according to Choate’s 50-page report, claims were handled confidentially. When teachers were fired, “faculty was told little and sometimes nothing about the teacher’s departure and, when told, was cautioned to say nothing about the situation if asked.”

Why Is Choate Releasing This Information Now?

Three years after two Choate graduates told school administrators about sex abuse at the school, the Boston Globe included Choate in an article titled “Educators accused of sexual misconduct often find new posts.” Nine days after it was published, the school announced that it hired a law firm to investigate students’ claims, Choate’s report said.

What Is Choate Being Accused of?

As CBS reported, the school didn’t act as quickly as it should have in some cases, and it didn’t report sex abuse to the Department of Children and Families until 2010. That sex abuse includes:

  • a teacher (employed from 1944 to 1977) who gave three male students backrubs, fondled their genitals, and asked to be masturbated;
  • a teacher (employed from 1961 to 1983) who invited another teacher’s 12-year-old son to accompany him and other boys for an outing and sleepover. “As it turned out, the teacher’s son was the only boy in attendance,” Choate’s report said. During the sleepover, the teacher made sexual advances toward him;
  • a teacher (employed from 1975 to 1983) who invited a 15-year-old girl to travel with him for a weekend and have sex;
  • a teacher (employed from 1980 to 1982) who had sex with students and gave one of them herpes;
  • a teacher, soccer coach, and house adviser (employed from 1973 to 2016) who complimented one student, kissed her, touched her breasts, sent her letters, and met up with her in Paris;
  • a teacher, coach, and dorm adviser (employed from 1983 to 1985) who had a sexual relationship with a student;
  • a teacher, coach, and house adviser (employed from 1983 to 2002) who had sexual relationships with two students;
  • a teacher, coach, and house adviser (employed from 1985 to 1990) who had a sexual relationship with a student;
  • a teacher, play director, and house adviser (employed from 1981 to 1993) who had a sexual relationship with a student;
  • a teacher, coach, and house adviser (employed from 1969 to 2010) who forced a 17-year-old student to have oral sex and intercourse with him, according to Choate’s report. “[O]ver the next few months, [he] took advantage of her disciplinary issues with the school to pressure her to have sex with him on a regular basis,” it said; and
  • a teacher and study-abroad leader (employed from 1998 to 1999) who drank with students on a trip and then raped a 17-year-old girl in the swimming pool.

Choate Sex Abuse Attorney Welcomes Your Questions

If you have questions about how to file a claim against Choate for its recklessness that allowed school sex abuse to continue, contact Cleveland attorney Tom Robenalt by calling 216-223-7535, submitting this form, or emailing today. He’s prosecuted civil claims against schools for sexual misconduct, and he can help you, too.

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